Voodoo Squash Racket

Voodoo Titan Squash Racket


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Voodoo Titan Squash Racket

NB: Voodoo Titan squash rackets are a non stocked line and are ordered in. Please allow 5/7 day delivery

The Titan Voodoo is one of our lightest rackets featuring a C-Profile power flex frame. With this weight and balance, maximum manoeuvrability and control is achieved, whilst the frame profile ensures optimum power. For squash players who require a highly responsive head speed in their squash racket the Titan Voodoo is the natural choice.
Weight – 140g * Unstrung weight
Construction – Premium Braided Titanium Graphite
Balance – Mid/Head light
String – TITAN PowerWrap 1.20mm
Cover – Full length cover with zipped key pocket and strap included
Price – £85

TITAN Sports Ltd – specialist sports manufacturer of TITAN rackets and equipment for squash, tennis, badminton and racketball fanatics at all levels of their game. TITAN offers a huge range of rackets, kit and equipment to support your game R and R Sports are a authorized supplier of Titan Squash Rackets 
Squash can be viewed and played on many levels. To the uninitiated eye, two players run furiously round the court until one player either makes a mistake or somehow manages to hit the ball far enough away from the opponent so that he cannot reach it.
To the expert eye, the game is a technical, tactical and physical battlefield where attacks are mounted, openings created, weaknesses exploited, initiatives won and lost, desperate situations rescued and physical and mental resources tested to the limit. It is chess with one second between moves and with the energy clock ticking – a precarious balance of physical and mental risks and rewards. But one of the most fascinating aspects of the game is that – contrary to common belief – the importance of the physical side is almost always exaggerated. Like a good battlefield general, a good tactical squash player can beat apparently insuperable physical fitness odds stacked against him. Indeed, a good tactical but unfit player will almost always beat a fit but tactically poor player.


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