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Catalyst Tournament Snooker cue By PowerGlide

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Catalyst 2 piece centre-split enhanced grain Ash cue with clear feathering and matching grains at the brass joint. Ash spliced Rosewood butt with coloured Blue veneers inlay.

9.5mm ElkMaster Tip
Brass Ferrule
Selected enhanced grain Ash shaft with clear feathering
Catalyst Cue Length 57″
Machine-spliced butt with coloured inlay
50/50 Split Matching grains at joint
Leather Buffer

PowerGlide Tournament cues use enhanced grain Ash shafts, which provide consistent strength, power and performance. Matching straight grains with clear feathering helps players line up their shots

R and R Sports are an official Supplier of all PowerGlide Snooker and Pool products if there is any cue or other product you would like and is not on our website please feel free to send us your enquiry

Started by ex-World Champion Rex Williams, PowerGlide began making hand-made cues of quality in the UK. We have now taken those traditional values and added the technical excellence of the 21st century to give consistency and reliability, enabling snooker and pool players to buy with confidence.
The new Tournament range is the product of leading edge technology, blended with traditional cue making skills and the highest quality materials. Using the finest Ebony and Rosewood, these machines spliced and hand finished cues offer very affordable luxury combined with first class performance.
A single piece of mature top quality Ash is selected for its uniformly spaced straight grain, strength and weight to provide perfect power at the cue tip. At the joint the Ash shaft and butt both seamlessly match using the unique design of the brass faced stainless steel quick release joint that smoothly and securely locks the pieces in place.
The detail and the finishing make PowerGlide Tournament cues the first choice of any discerning player with an eye for value which the catalyst cue provides.

Caring for your Cue
Always keep your cue in a good quality case (ideally a rigid box type).When storing your cue, if you are not using a case do not leave it leaning against a wall or in a corner, as this can cause it to bend. Always lay your cue flat or store it in a cue rack. Do not store cue and case near to a heat source e.g. near a radiator or direct sunlight.
Do not leave your cue in a car boot as it is hot during the day and cold and damp at night, rapid temperature and humidity changes are bad for the cue.
During play wipe the cue with a dry cue cloth, if the cue becomes sticky, wipe it down with a slightly damp cloth and buff dry immediately.
Look after your cue it is your tool to success.


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