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BCE Grandmaster Cue And Case


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BCE Grandmaster Snooker Cue And Case

BCE Grandmaster Cue: ARG-33
Length: 57′ (145cm)
Configuration: 3/4 Cut Cue
Tip: 9.5mm Tip
Ferrule: 8mm Brass with a 9.5mm Diameter
Shaft Wood: Laminated Ash Shaft
Joint: Rapid Release joint
Butt Design: Machine Spliced Stained Rosewood Butt & Genuine 4 Prong Maple Veneers and Purple Heart Front Splice
Bumper: Leather Bumper
Complete With 9″ Extension

Matching Hard Case

R and R Sports are an official Supplier of all BCE and Riley Snooker and Pool products if there is any cue or other product you would like and is not on our website send us your enquiry and we will be happy to try and source it from BCE/Riley.
BCE and Riley offer players a broad range of quality snooker cues and products. BCE and Riley have an impeccable reputation of being one of the biggest names in the Snooker game. Today many of the sport’s leading professional players endorse the brands because of the quality and high standards that BCE/Riley produce. Choose from a comprehensive selection of BCE/Riley cues and enjoy your level of play
Caring for your Cue
Always keep your cue in a good quality case (ideally a rigid box type).When storing your cue, if you are not using a case do not leave it leaning against a wall or in a corner, as this can cause it to bend. Always lay your cue flat or store it in a cue rack. Do not store cue and case near to a heat source e.g. near a radiator or direct sunlight.
Do not leave your cue in a car boot as it is hot during the day and cold and damp at night, rapid temperature and humidity changes are bad for the cue.
During play wipe the cue with a dry cue cloth, if the cue becomes sticky, wipe it down with a slightly damp cloth and buff dry immediately.
Look after your cue it is your tool to success.


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